French Fries

About potatoes

Potatoes are a one-year-old plant that we use from the flowering. Its earliest place was in South America. The potato is rich in beta-carotene (a vitamin A precursor) that is easily absorbed when cooked. French fries (half French fries) are packed in pieces of potatoes of different shapes that are processed by the process of sowing, drying, half-blush and freezing

  :Foodland French Fries benefits

Due to frequent inspections during the production process, there is no strain and damage caused by plant diseases

Due to microbial control on the raw material during the process, it is completely healthy

The use of the Foodland French Fries while saving the ease of preparation saves considerable time

French flaxseed cutouts are perfectly uniform and homogeneous

The Foodland French Fries is thick and solid, indicating less oil absorption


foodland Half-baked




Product Weight :  2.5kg

Number in carton
  4 pcs